2019 Best of Monroe — Dichotomy of Feelings through Transition

Have you ever found that sometimes the best news comes right after you have suffered through some degree of “bummer”?

It’s like you have to get REEEEAL low just before a high so you can experience it in its FULL FORCE.

There is something poetic about the dichotomy of feelings, particularly when we are in transition. So much is unsure, there’s a whole new world ready for you to explore it, and behind you is what was once comfortable and easy, only now it feels stifling.

In my own recent transition, I have spent a lot of time reflecting on how grateful I am to have the opportunity to move forward in my career with two AMAZING new supervisors and practices. The challenging counterpart of which is the constant reminder that I am rebuilding a caseload. Up until the end of July, I had been working in Monroe at a group counseling practice for about 2 years. When the time came for a change, I wanted to brace to dig in, it’s scary out there! Change only asks nicely to be acknowledged so many times before it starts outright DEMANDING that you notice it. I had ignored Change and all of its polite attempts to catch my attention, leaving only the option to start demanding. My time at the practice in Monroe was over. That meant leaving behind all I had known so far, and many clients I had grown so attached to.

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9 Essential Tools for Surviving Conflict

A cunning manipulator, we’ve all known one (if not many). My blood pressure elevates just THINKING about walking into a conflict with someone like this.

Recently I found myself in a situation where I was coming up against a conflict with someone like this, someone I perceived as a “predator”. Not in the more common sense of a sexual predator, nor the cinematic sense of an ugly claw-mouthed, dread-locked killer alien (although, if I had to choose one, it was closer to this than the former).

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7 Reasons Why You Suck at Comforting Others

After 7+ years of training on this career path and about 2+ years working in the field, I have determined that the average person is… well…. not great at comforting others. I thought when I first began this journey that I was already good at this, I already had the skills, and all this education would be like a “formality”. wow. wrong. I had so much to learn.

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How I escaped the TRAP of people pleasing and found Myself

Have you ever felt like you didn’t know yourself at all?  Like you are just the reflection of the people you are around at any given time?  Do you change your mind about something simply because someone else has the opposite opinion you were holding?  Do you ever just “go along to get along” (as my mother used to say)? Try desperately not to “rock the boat”? Overburdened yourself with the problems of others?  Bitten off more than you could chew simply because you didn’t want to have to say no to someone? Sacrificed your responsibilities for the pleasure of someone else?  Worried yourself sick about why someone is or might be upset with you rather than just asking what’s going on?

Oh, cool, me too.  My name is Bethany and I am a recovering People-Pleaser.

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The Therapeutic Nature of Sound

Something that my clients mention to me regularly is how much they love the noise-machines that we use in our offices.  The ones we use are made by Dohm and make a simple droning breathy sound that really does the job of cancelling out voices for the privacy of clients, but it also has an odd effect: After a while you really don't even hear it anymore!  Scientists have done studies that have shown that non-threatening sounds eventually get blocked out by the brain, but still have positive effects.

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How to tell the Difference between Healthy and Unhealthy Family Systems

Why is the "Family System" Important?

The family is the most basic and foundational unit of the life of a person.  It is where all people begin and start their journey into learning how to be a person.  Family systems are not always healthy, and that can be due to a number of different factors.  There are several ways to differentiate a healthy family system from an unhealthy one, based on things like child temperament, familial cohesiveness, and degree of attachment.  The family has a distinct effect on the growth and development of each person therein.

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Is Love Enough to Sustain a Marriage?

The first reason you probably think of for why people get married is LOVE, but is marrying for love going out of style? What is a "successful marriage" and is it obtained by marrying for love or for more practical reasons?  Is Marrying for one or the other EVER ENOUGH?

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