Frequently Asked Questions


-What is the difference between an Associate Professional Counselor and a fully licensed therapist (LPC)?

An associate professional counselor has completed their master's degree in counseling which includes supervised internship, and has received their associate license (LAMFT or LAPC). An APC works under the direct clinical supervision of a fully licensed therapist for 3 years after their graduation from their master’s program or receipt of their APC license. 

-What does it mean to be working under supervision?

Counselor supervision is designed to facilitate the ethical, academic, personal, and professional development of counselors-in-training (CACREP, 2009).Working under supervision means that the APC must meet with their supervisor regularly to discuss cases, gain insights, and address concerns. 

-How much does it cost to see an Associate Professional Counselor?

$95 per session for Individuals and $125 for couples.   However, I will consider a sliding scale on a case-by-case basis.  Additionally, I offer discounted rates to active-duty military, veterans, and first responders and their families.

-What is group counseling?

Group counseling or group therapy is a type of therapy that involves one or more
counselors working with several individuals at the same time.  Some groups are psychoeducational, and some are themed around certain issues, such as grief, or support.  Check out the upcoming events page to see what groups are available, and feel free to suggest or request a group here.

Does Bethany do premarital and marriage counseling?

Yes.  Bethany is trained in Marriage and Family Therapy, and can see couples, adolescents, adults, and family units.  She is also a certified PREPARE/ENRICH facilitator. For more information on any of these, click here to learn more about these services.  

-Can we still do couples counseling, even though we aren't married or engaged?

Of course! Your relationship and how you communicate, love, and interact with each other is what is important, not the label for it.

-Can Bethany prescribe me any medications?

No.  As an associate professional counselor, Bethany does not have the authority to write prescriptions.  She may however recommend consulting a doctor or psychiatrist about certain medications or treatments.

-Does Bethany do Christian Counseling?

Yes, Bethany graduated from the largest Christian University in the world, and is a Christian.  If incorporating a spiritual element is important to you, then that is something that Bethany is completely capable of and happy to do! 

-What if I would prefer secular counseling? (don't want Christian Counseling)

That is no problem! Bethany is here for you, and believes firmly in meeting people where they are with no judgment.  Bethany's values will never be pressed upon you, and that includes the spiritual and religious aspects of her life should you choose to abstain from such practices or beliefs.  The counseling relationship is about YOU!  

-How long is a counseling session?

Typically 50 minutes unless otherwise scheduled/indicated.

-Is the supervision relationship a violation of my confidentiality?

No.  This is not a violation of confidentiality because the supervisor is responsible for the actions of the APC, and advises them based on their own licensed experience in the field. The confidentiality of the client is a concern of the supervisor as well! It is a good thing that the intern talks to their supervisor about your case, this means you are getting quality care and the intern is accountable!

Is an associate professional counselor capable of being a great counselor?

Of course!  Even at the this stage they will have undergone a tremendous amount of training and education and continue to do so through continuing education and experience in the field. 

-Am I going to be judged by my counselor?

Absolutely not.  It is not the responsibility or job of the counselor to judge the client.  They are simply there to serve as a guide to help you to your goals.  The counselor remains objective, and joins you in your journey, providing perspective and insight along the way.

Does Bethany accept insurance?

No.  At this time Bethany cannot accept insurance and would be considered "out of network" however, you may contact your insurance company and inquire if they would reimburse you for services at CMS Counseling with Bethany, at which point you would be provided a receipt from CMS Counseling to submit to them.  Or if you have a health savings account, she can accept that!

-Bethany's available hours are not convenient for me, can she still see me?

Possibly yes.  Bethany may still be able to see you on another day, request a different time by clicking here.  

-Does Bethany counsel people in the LGBT community?

Absolutely.  Even though Bethany has a background in Christian counseling, she is an open-minded, and open-hearted Christian who would never dream of discriminating against any population or community.  All are welcome here!


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